Portocabo is an independent production company specialized in producing fiction for television.

Since 2010  Portocabo has been generating fiction content aimed for the international market. A boutique- style company specialized in creating and designing drama made to measure. Our philosophy is “tailor made” productions, generating high quality content with the maximum output for the available budget. Our strong point is our adaptability; we are capable of producing for different territories.

Portocabo is positioned in the market as a company with great experience in fiction production. Our favorite genres are crime thrillers, comedy and historic drama. The talent of new creators and professionals surfaced in Galicia in recent years, an excellent human capital, capable of successfully tackling ambitious productions, is the solid pillar on which the company has rested during its first years. And the foundation on which to position the company as a reference in the future.

During these years Portocabo has been distinguished by opening diverse markets; producing at the autonomic level for Galicia, Canary Islands and Catalonia. Developing projects for national channels like Movistar +, Telecinco, Antena 3 and TVE. Coproducing with Italy, The Avatars  (Disney and RAI), with Portugal Vidago Palace  (RTP and TVG) and with France Hierro  ( Movistar+ and Arte).