Leslie’s Journey

Documentary, 1 x 55’


On the coasts of Cedeira, Galicia (Spain) there’s a memorial that refers to what occurred on the 1st of June of 1943 in the Bay of Biscay. That day German planes shot down a commercial plane during its flight from Lisbon to Bristol. All passengers died. Among them was the famous actor Leslie Howard. The reason why this precise plane was shot down is still a mystery. Was Leslie Howard the objective? Why? Leslie’s journey discovers the fundamental hypothesis around this event, revealing details about the actor’s clandestine agenda, and his implication with the British Secret Services, in a time in which Spain and Portugal were a spy’s nest.

Awards and festivals:

Docs España, Seminci 2014 Valladolid. Official Section Malaga 2015.  Mestre Mateo Award for

the best editing 2015. Oficial Section Aegean Docs 2015. Winner of Best Film at SEFF 2015 Szczecin.