Crime drama, 8 x 50’


Candela is an experienced judge with a strong character. On arriving at her new and strange destination: El Hierro, the most remote of the Canary Islands, she must deal with a murder case. Everybody on the Island thinks it was Diaz, the shady businessman; but he is as determined as the judge in finding the murderer. For Candela, it’s in her salary, for Diaz, to prove his innocence.

Hierro was choosen best project in CoPro Series Berlinale, and launched in Series Mania. It is a coproduction between Portocabo, Movistar+, Atlantique Productions and ARTE France


Original idea    Pepe Coira e Alfonso Blanco
Executive production     Alfonso Blanco
Direction     Jorge Coira
Script Pepe Coira, Fran Araújo, Araceli Gonda, Coral Cruz, Carlos Portela