Alfonso Blanco

In 1998 he starts his career in Voz Audiovisual, a leading audiovisual producing company in Galicia. He becomes one of the most relevant Executive Producers both in fiction and entertainment shows, producing during 11 years more than 300 episodes of prime time television for TVG (Television de Galicia), series like Mareas Vivas, Terra de Miranda, As leis de Celavella, Padre Casares o Matalobos, tv movie La Rosa de Alejandría and films as El menor de los males, De Bares  y Catalina.

In entertainment he’s been Executive Producer of direct broadcast shows like Son de Estrelas or Buscando Estrelas, of contest shows Perdelo todo and variety shows like Mundo Verbena and A Terra dos Prodixios.

He teaches at A Coruña University’s Production and Audiovisual Managemente Master since 2004. In 2010 he funds Portocabo, the production company where he holds the position of CEO, producing  the docu-reality show Galegos no mundo  and the fiction series  Gran Nord, The Avatars and Luci.

Pepe Coira 

After years dedicated to the audiovisual industry from a public position in the Xunta de Galicia, in 2000 he joins Voz Audiovisual as Development Department Director and in 2004 promotes to Sub Director. During this period he is Executive Producer and Script Editor of fiction series like - Mareas Vivas, Terra de Miranda, A miña sogra e mais eu, As leis de Celavella  - and documentaries as - Vida nas mareas, O mundo de Celavella  -.

Between 2006 and 2010 he works for Filmax Group, in Bren Entertainment, as Development Director and Executive Producer at Filmax TV, where he specializes in non scripted documentary series. - Hai que mollarse, Botarse ao monte - and films like: Lume e fume, Historia dunha parroquia, Tolos por Xapón, O premio da rubia, Prodixiosos, Eloxio da distancia and Días de reparto.

In 2010 he joins Portocabo as Head of Development where he has created series like Gran Nord and Luci, among other projects. And is Executive Producer of the documentaries Leslie’s Journey or Manuel Quiroga.